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The Organic Finance Framework

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With SimplyTokenized, we envision empowering Europe’s businesses with trustworthy tools to access alternative finance solutions.

We believe that this vision, together with our technology, shapes a completely new approach to the way companies and corporates alike deal with financial and other resources.

To translate this vision into reality, we are building all necessary tools for an optimized allocation of financial resources. This leads to companies being able to get access to the necessary financing that aligns best with their current business capabilities.

That means using simple, regulatory compliant, financial tools and an Organic Finance Framework. As Paul Poeltner describes it(…) the Organic Finance Framework puts the possible forms of financing for a company in perspective. The challenge of the management team is then to choose the right form of financing at the right time. The goal is not to finance everything through alternative forms of financing, but rather to use those alternative forms to scale the business.

Digital assets made simple. accessible. for alternative financing.

Why does tokenization help?

The SimplyTokenized technology makes it possible not only to implement any alternative financing models, such as shareholder loans or convertible loans, but also to allow the tokenization of assets, such as old images, classic cars, vouchers for products, jewelry etc. 

How can you use it?

The technology of the tokenization of assets allows for a wide variety of alternative financing tools, some of which are outlined below.

Token GmbH

Token GmbH

A new financing model to strengthen small and medium-sized businesses! With this model, the most common legal form of equity capital in Austria is divided into small shares and offered to investors for subscription with the help of a trustee.
Digital Stock Corporation

Digital Stock Corporation

Business model oriented financing! Together with our network partners, we develop structures that are oriented to your specific business model -- frominnovative forms to traditional financing instruments.
Develop with us

Develop with us

We are working on new models and looking for industry experts and leaders to come join us and develop these models with us.

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The Token GmbH – A new financing model to strengthen the Austrian SME sector​

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The new financial tech economy radically imagines the future of alternative financing. More open approaches are empowering users and businesses alike and will create greater transparency and more opportunities. These approaches enable anyone in the world to contribute their talents to the global economy.

We are looking for developers and partners to help us realize our vision and build the foundation of a new alternative financing age.